OpenMind Resilience, Equanimity and Mindfulness (REMIND) Practices

This three part virtual course will teach mindfulness based wellness practices for increasing mental and physical wellbeing and for coping with stress, pain, uncertainty, and emotional challenges.

About this experience

Life is extraordinary, and yet it can bring struggle, difficulty and uncertainty. These inevitable parts of life can cause pain and stress but they do not have to include suffering, and they often result in growth and learning. This course will teach evidence-based mindfulness practices designed to help you to cope with pain, stress and difficult emotions by building resilience and cultivating kindness, openminded presence, joy, a sense of being grounded, peace, and gratitude.

Each of these seven practices included formal meditation instruction in addition to rhythm of life and pause practices. It will also introduce the SOS method for working through emotional distress. Having lived with chronic pain due to injury, an autoimmune condition, and P.O.T.S., I created this course to help others who are experiencing chronic pain, anxiety, depression, attention and focus difficulties, chronic disease, loss, stress, and/or who want to improve overall wellbeing. The full course includes three 75 minute sessions. The cost for each session is $25.00, and if you register for all three sessions you will receive a free downloadable practice instruction guide. Session 1 (April 24): Mindfulness, Wellness, SOS, and Loving Kindness Practice Session 2 (May 1): Open and Present Awareness and Non-judgment, Joy, and Grounded Practices Session 3 (May 8): Peace and Focus, Compassion and Gratitude Practices

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Dr. Monica Jackman is an occupational therapist and mother of four. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree and a Master of Health Science degree from the University of Florida and a Doctorate in Occupational Therapy from Chatham University. Monica has authored research papers and book chapters on topics including mindful engagement, the mindful engagement support model, occupational therapy in mental health, and teaching mindfulness to children, has developed and implemented mindfulness-based training programs for caregivers, preschoolers, and school-aged children, and has published research papers on the effectiveness of mindfulness-based interventions. She is the author and creator of the OpenMind Preschool Program and co-author of the OpenMind Elementary Program. She has lectured nationally and internationally on mindfulness interventions for children and adults.