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Target Tracker System


The Target Tracker© system is a mindfulness- based learning tool for cultivating awareness and attainment of personal and group goals. The process and materials that accompany the Target Tracker help to promote not only awareness of individual performance toward meaningful goals, but also a format for identifying barriers to goals, and problem solving to create or modify strategies to attain goals. Personal or group goals can be behavioral and/or skill based (e.g., positive self-talk, being present, trying hard, paying attention, using non-judgment, controlling responses to difficult emotions, articulating sounds intelligibly, writing legibly, asking for help in a kind voice). Unlike other programs that utilize punishment and rewards, the Target Tracker uses an objective process of decentering and assessing performance toward goals, and then offers a learning process to foster independent self- awareness, monitoring and self-regulation. The system uses a visual metric rather than a numeric scale or value words (e.g., good choice, bad choice), and thus helps to reduce self-judgment and distress often associated with labeling and quantitative measures of performance.

The Target Tracker System includes one large target with 12 magnets, 4 small targets with one magnet each, a user's guide and printed visual materials.

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