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About us

Little Lotus Therapy offers in-home private occupational therapy, telehealth consultation, and Open Mind© workshops for parents, children and schools.

Does your child struggle with painful emotions such as anger and worry, and have difficulty expressing and coping with emotional distress? Does he have trouble paying attention and staying focused? Is she impulsive and impatient? Does she get easily frustrated with or avoid activities that she finds challenging? Does he have poor awareness of his body and his environment? Does she struggle with social awareness and relationship skills? Does he have a difficult time with certain sensory input (e.g., loud sounds, tags in clothing)? 


Our philosophy is that difficult times, stress, pain and challenges are inevitable in life, and while we cannot control these storms, we can learn to be resilient and to grow from them. Little Lotus individualized therapy programs and the Open Mind© curriculum activities are dynamic, child-centered, experiential and fun.  These therapeutic supports and learning activities build upon the strengths, interests and motivation of the child, and serve to promote social emotional learning, independent functioning, autonomy and quality of life.

Dr. Monica Jackman is an occupational therapist and mother of four. She has written book chapters, published research and lectured nationally and internationally on mindfulness interventions for children and adults. 

Click here for a list of Dr. Jackman's publications.