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Feelings Finder Emotional Awareness System


The Little Lotus Feelings Finder© board offers a mindfulness-based approach designed to teach children about emotional awareness and self awareness. Awareness of one’s emotions forms the foundation for the development of emotional intelligence and resilience. The Feelings Finder© board provides children with a non-verbal hands-on tool for examining not only which emotions they are feeling, but where they are experiencing them in the body. The process also provides a visual illustration of how emotions come and go. Use of the board to foster emotional and self awareness can provide children a means to identify multisensory and self regulation strategies for coping with difficult emotions and promote social emotional learning. In addition, the Feelings Finder© introduces a way to reinforce and teach kindness, compassion and gratitude.

The board is a magnetic white board (11"X14") and includes 22 feelings faces magnets, love, compassion and gratitude magnets, and a beginner's guide.

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