Just This- 5 minute guided meditation

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Downtime without stillness is like attaching ourselves to a charging cord that’s not plugged into the power source.  Rest is restorative- but why is it so difficult to ground ourselves and be still?

There is a stigma in our culture that if we are resting we are lazy. The goal is to constantly be doing, to consistently go, to fill every moment with work and activities and entertainment. For so many of us, when we slow down and we are still, we face all the things about ourselves and our lives that we are running from. We become restless and exhausted from all of our running. We need stillness.

But in stillness, we aren’t guaranteed to find peace- in stillness we can find a racing and restless mind, self-doubt, worry, stabbing pain, heavy numbness, heartbreak, grief, burning anger, exhaustion, and lightening bolts of fear that strike us from far away places in time. 

Maybe the key is not to search for peace, by being here in this moment, but to make peace with all that is here, in this moment. 

The first step to making peace within yourself is knowing and experiencing the value of stillness, and having the freedom to be yourself. This is a guided 5 minute meditation to help you start.